FORT GREY ; a soft, young full-fat Guernsey milk blue cheese.

Difficult to say what it is similar to. Forme D’Ambert perhaps.

Made without pressing and dry salted on day two it is then ripened for just under three weeks being pricked and turned regularly. The pricking is to allow internal blueing otherwise it would just be a blue exterior. The blue is apparent at around the seventh day.

It is then wrapped, placed in a cold fridge and continues to slowly ripen before being sold at five to eight weeks’ old.

Each batch takes around 180 litres of milk, a pot of commercially made cheese bacteria and blue mould and,finally into the mix is added vegetarian rennet.

It is a cheese that seems to appeal to Stilton lovers and to brie fans. The recipe is adapted from the Ashby Blue given to us on the AB Course and was invented by Chris Ashby. There are actually several cheeses in Britain at the moment with their roots in that recipe. Thanks Chris!


HANOIS ; a bloomy rind white cheese.

A little like a brie but not as soft. Sold only in the deli size for cutting on delis and the small size for retail. Probably will be made once per month at the moment.